CEU Staff and Faculty Recognized at CEU Graduation Ceremony

On June 18, CEU staff and faculty were recognized during the university's graduation ceremony. This year, 7 colleagues received awards for outstanding contributions across teaching, research and service, demonstrating CEU's values of excellence across the whole community.

CEU is proud to announce the 2021 winners:

CEU Teaching Excellence Award:
Nadia Jones-Gailani, Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender Studies
Levente Littvay, Professor in the Department of Political Science

CEU Award for Outstanding Research:
Federico Battiston, Professor in the Department of Network and Data
Mihaly Fazekas, Professor in the School of Public Policy

CEU Staff Excellence Award:
Borbala Darabos, Coordinator in the Department of Political Science
Eva Tornyos, Senior Payroll Officer on the Human Resources Office

CEU Community Excellence Award:
Kirsten Roberts Lyer, Associate Professor in the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations and Practice and Disciplinary Committee chair

Congratulating the winners, President and Rector Michael Ignatieff said: "CEU has recognized colleagues for their outstanding contributions to this community – for what is truly the lifeblood of CEU: teaching, research, service, collegiality. It is the excellent work of CEU's people that make the university such a formidable institution."

For more on our outstanding award winners, and on the awards themselves, click here.