Albert-László Barabási and Federico Battiston Awarded by European Physical Society

The Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division (SNPD), part of the European Physical Society (EPS) has announced the winners of their 2021 prizes including two CEU faculty from the Department of Network and Data Science. CEU Visiting Professor and Senior Visiting Researcher Albert-László Barabási will be honored with the EPS Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Prize and CEU Assistant Professor Federico Battiston will receive the EPS-SNPD Early Career prize.

The EPS prizes will be awarded during the third EPS conference "Statistical Physics of Complex Systems" at ICTP/SISSA Trieste September 8-10. The SNPD represents and provides a forum for scientists interested in statistical and nonlinear physics, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications. The prizes were created by EPS in 2017 and are awarded every 2 years.

The EPS Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Prize is awarded for outstanding research contributions in the SNPD area for ground-breaking and agenda setting contributions for the development of this field. Barabási will be honored for his pioneering contributions to the development of complex network science, in particular for his seminal work on scale-free networks, the preferential attachment model, error and attack tolerance in complex networks, controllability of complex networks, the physics of social ties, communities, and human mobility patterns, genetic, metabolic, and biochemical networks, as well as applications in network biology and network medicine.

EPS-SNPD Early Career Prize is awarded to an early career scientist who has made outstanding research contributions in the SNPD area as evidenced by a top quality and highly cited paper in an international journal. As a recipient, Battiston will be honored for his outstanding work on nonlinear dynamics and emergent collective phenomena in multilayer and higher-order networks, including diffusion, synchronization, social and evolutionary processes.