CEU Press’ Opening the Future Program Brings Two New Books to Open Access

August 25, 2021

The Central European University Press Opening the Future program has accrued library support to fund two additional open access monographs, taking the total funded to date to three. In June, the first book, Words in Space and Time: Historical Atlas of Language Politics in Modern Central Europe by Tomasz Kamusella became open access (OA) through the program.

Opening the Future at CEU Press is a cost-effective way for libraries to increase their digital collections on the history and culture of Central and Eastern Europe and the former communist countries. Subscribing libraries receive unlimited multi-user access to curated packages of books, with perpetual access after three years.

The Press uses membership funds to produce new frontlist titles in OA format. All OA titles will be available via Project MUSE OAPEN, and DOAB. The next two OA titles funded by those subscriptions and forthcoming in November 2021 are Constructing Identities over Time: “Bad Gypsies” and “Good Roma” in Russia and Hungary by Jekatyerina Dunajeva and Everyday Life under Communism and After: Consumption and Lifestyle in Hungary, 1945–2000 by Tibor Valuch.

Dunajeva remarked, “As a researcher of social inequalities, I believe equal access to knowledge is a necessary first step towards an equitable and democratic system of scholarship.” Her book, Constructing Identities over Time is part of a newly-launched book series in Critical Romani Studies at CEU Press.

To follow the progress of Opening the Future’s plans for OA books in 2021-2022 visit here.