CEU’s Ana Belen Amil and Ruth Candlish Honored by IAMAS for Policies Supporting Student Parents

On September 25, CEU PhD student and Student Family Committee Chair, Ruth Candlish, and CEU Gender Equality Officer, Ana Belen Amil will be honored in the MOMA (Making Opportunities for Mothers in Academia) 2021 Awards run by the International Association of Maternal Action and Scholarship (IAMAS)

Having won first place for two new policies supporting student parents, they will present the details, process and other reflections at the IAMAS 2021 Conference in September. The adoption of the policies at CEU resulted in the introduction of six months of paid maternity leave, one month of paid partner leave, extended unpaid parental leave, protections for pregnant students, support for those who experience pregnancy loss, support for those who have terminations, and improved student child support fund among others. 

“This award is a great recognition of the important work student parents do for CEU’s community. We hope to build on these policies and continue to address and challenge inequality,” comments Candlish. Through the MOMA Award, IAMAS aims to recognize colleges and universities that are brainstorming, initiating, and supporting campus programs that help retain faculty who are also parenting young children.

More specifically, IAMAS seeks to honor academic institutions that are not only changing policy, but changing culture. With roots as an academic organization, their members are scholars and activists from dozens of countries who want to support mothers through a resourceful and proactive community.

Regarding student parents, Candlish adds, “Parenthood is an important part of life for some students at CEU and it’s vital that this is recognized and supported on an institutional level. Without proper support, student parents, and especially mothers, are unable to participate equally in academic life at CEU.”

To hear more about the policies from Candlish and Belen Amil, register here to virtually attend the MOMA 2021 Awards.