Spotlight on Presidential Scholar Award Recipient Tina Horvath

Tina Horvath is pursuing her BA in CEU’s Culture, Politics and Society program. Originally from Hungary, she completed several modules at Budapest’s Milestone Institute as a Roma Scholarship recipient before attending CEU. Horvath chose the university for its diversity and focus on interdisciplinary studies. Outside of the classroom, she has been involved in film festivals, fine arts competitions, photography projects and public events.

We spoke to her on the occasion of her 2021 Presidential Scholar Award. This is an edited interview conducted on September 24, 2021.


What does this honor mean for you?

I feel really honored to receive this award because it shows how CEU is invested in both academics and civic engagement. The award is really motivating for me to continue working and studying.

What was your route to CEU?

Coming from Hungary, I was familiar with CEU already, which was originally introduced to me by my mentor.

What drives you in your work? 

My personal history and my values motivate me in projects like the film festival I worked on in Hungary. The festival was to take place in a small city outside Budapest. We had arranged public transit, as well as food and drink. I think quality entertainment, which is also educational, is important. In the end, the festival couldn't happen because of the Covid-19 regulations, but I will continue to work on projects in the arts. Now that I am in Vienna, I need some time to get to know the city and come up with a new project that can contribute.

What was the response by those around you when you shared the news of your award?

My family was extremely happy, but I think the reactions of my friends impressed me the most. They were proud of me, and receiving the award was a huge motivation. I think that having a good reference is important, as well as engaging in community projects that are personal to you and writing about topics that you're passionate about.

What else would you like to express?

I feel privileged to be studying and attending this university. I’m excited to get to know more students. Everyone I ‘ve met so far is really incredible. I believe I will personally and academically grow over the next four years being in this excellent environment.

The Presidential Scholars Fund was established by Michael Ignatieff and Zsuzsanna Zsohar. It supports four Presidential Graduate Research Awards for exceptional Master's and Doctoral students whose research shows promise for the next generation. The Fund also awards two scholarships per year to incoming bachelor's students demonstrating exceptional academic credentials and leadership promise.