Romani Studies Program Launches New Book Series: Critical Romani Studies

On December 3, the Romani Studies Program (RSP) launched the book series titled “Critical Romani Studies” (CRS), consisting of three books. It aims to bring together emerging new interdisciplinary scholarship by Romani and non-Romani critical scholars within, and beyond, Romani Studies and galvanizes cross-dialogues between various regions, disciplines, ideas, approaches, and methodologies to expand the realm of critical Romani Studies. 

The first book in the series, Constructing Identities over Time “Bad Gypsies” and “Good Roma” in Russia and Hungary, authored by Jekatyerina Dunajeva, is Open Access (OA) and the next two books, “Mobilizing Roma Ethnicity – Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka” and “Romani Liberation – Jan Selling” will be published respectively in June and May of 2022.   

 "The Critical Romani Studies Book Series represents an intellectual compass and groundbreaking interdisciplinary engagement with various aspects of the historically racialized Roma. This book series represents the current culmination of critical knowledge and productive dialogue between Romani and non-Romani scholars," says Angela Kóczé, Chair of Romani Studies Program.

“These books are all personal writings, but at the same time, they are all contemplating the positionality of researcher which is a huge and complex topic in the field of critical Romani Studies," emphasized by Maria Bogdan, media theorist. 

Filling a gap in the field of Romani Studies, the book series is rooted in the growing demand for critical in-depth studies on the structural oppressions, racialization, and social position of Roma by scholars, policy-makers and activists. Mindful of the multitude of factors that shape structures and discourses, the series editors and RSP faculty, Kóczé and Márton Rövid, built a series for academics as well as activist-scholars and policy-makers.  

To learn more about the series, read here or watch the virtual launch event here.