Diana Ürge-Vorsatz Appointed to Science Advisory Committee of IIASA

Professor Diana Ürge-Vorsatz in CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy has been appointed to the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) for a term lasting through 2024. Joining representatives of other prestigious institutions, Vorsatz’s service strengthens CEU’s relationship with the international science institute in Austria.

SAC, established by the IIASA Council in 2002, is the governing body of the Institute with the main task of ensuring that IIASA work continues to meet the highest standards in both scientific merit and policy relevance. The advisory structure is constituted by independent scientists with the task of providing scientific guidance and a research assurance function.

SAC members are appointed to 3-year terms with a maximum of 6 years from nominations solicited from IIASA National Member Organizations, staff, and IIASA's scientific network. Members are selected based on their scientific and policy experience in the areas of IIASA's research.

Through its research programs and initiatives, the IIASA conducts policy-oriented research into issues that are too complex to be solved by a single country or academic discipline. This includes pressing concerns that affect the future of all of humanity, such as climate change, energy security, population aging, and sustainable development. Results of IIASA research are made available to policymakers in countries around the world to help produce effective, science-based policies that will enable them to face these challenges.