The Fall Term in a Nutshell: 5 Things that Made Me Fall for CEU at First Sight

December 29, 2021

by An Thuan Mai, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies

1. Settling in Vienna: You Never Walk Alone!

Moving to a new country can be a hectic journey, especially for non-EU students. At CEU, no one is alone in it. If you do not know where to buy a semester ticket or where to shop for (cheap) home appliances in Vienna, someone in the students’ group chat is willing to give you the information. If you struggle with registering your foreign Covid-19 vaccination certificate, (FYI) CEU has a “tutorial” here. And if you want to make new friends, just join a hike with the CEU Hiking Club!

2. The Kitchens

I have never seen any campus with as many kitchens as CEU has. There is at least one kitchen open to students on each floor of the campus. I love bringing my food and warming it up in the kitchen’s microwave for lunch. It also saves me at least 15 minutes of running to an eatery, deciding what to order from the menu and waiting for the food to come out. And did I mention you can use the tableware and the dishwasher? Just make sure not to use the staff kitchen and remember to wipe off your plates and bowls before putting them into the dishwasher!

3. The Psychological Counselling Services

The vicious circle of procrastination – last minute panic – sleep deprivation is no stranger to students in this digital era. Good news: CEU’s Psychological Counselling Services offer webinars and peer counselors to help with time management (and how to get over procrastination), sleep hygiene, stress management, healthy lifestyle, and many other mental problems that students often encounter during intensive study programs. Check out some tips here if you are curious!

4. Learning through Multiple Lenses

What I love most about my program at CEU is the comparative approach to international issues. For instance, in the fall term, International Business Law students explored two cases of contract law: one with a focus on civil law jurisdictions (such as in Germany and France) and the other on common law jurisdictions (such as in the United States and the United Kingdom). In other courses such as Secured Transactions and Antitrust Law, we also learned about the subjects through the similarities and differences among various jurisdictions and schools of thought. This method of study has made us dig deeper into the economic, social and political rationales behind the laws, rather than merely memorizing.

5. Last But Not Least: Just How Easy It Is to Reach the Quellenstraße Campus

Getting off the tram (No. 6 or 11) at Schrankenberggasse, you will reach CEU in just a few steps. Although the campus is not open throughout the night, a night bus is also available at the same stop.

The Fall Term has ended with a lot of challenges and also good memories at CEU. Many of us were unable to travel home for Christmas, but CEU and Vienna are our homes for now. And if you wonder how Vienna looks like this Christmas, take a look at other posts on our CEU Student Space!