Four Reasons Why I'm Loving CEU

January 10, 2022

by Joao Pinheiro da Silva, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of Philosophy

Joining CEU's Master’s Program was one of the best choices I made in my life. Since I joined, I have learned and grown a lot. From living alone to meeting new people, from starting a new stage in my academic life to learning how to cook: it has been an adventure. These are the four reasons why I believe that CEU has been the right choice for me.

1 – The Department

First of all, I could not fail to mention the Department of Philosophy. Everything has been perfect so far: from the quality and variety of the courses to the support I've been offered. All of the professors and professionals in the department work so that we have the best experience possible.

2 – Scholarships

When I started looking for my Masters, I knew my choices were limited. I didn't have the economic possibilities to pay for most of the top university programs that I was looking for. But then I found CEU and a dream came true. With its wide variety of scholarships, CEU gave me the chance to study abroad at a prestigious university.

3 – Community

In addition to financial help, scholarships gave me lots of new friends. I have the pleasure of being one of the alumni scholarship recipients for this year and as a member of that group, I have met great people, participated in chat rooms with them, shared stories, lunches and even books. CEU gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with incredible life stories who taught me a lot. In addition, this community was also of great help throughout the pandemic.

4 – Vienna

Finally, I cannot fail to mention the city that hosts CEU: Vienna. Since I was a child, I dreamed of visiting this city. The city where many of my idols and masters were born and lived: from Freud to Wittgenstein, from Mann to Broch. It is therefore a great pleasure to be able to make my trip from home to CEU every day, passing by the beautiful Naturhistorisches Museum, the gardens of Schönbrunn and experiencing the atmosphere of this magnificent imperial city.