Three Tips for Application Success

January 14, 2022

by Gabrielle Hudson Longo, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MS student in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

The advantages of pursuing a higher education degree are clear. What can be less obvious is how to craft a strong application which maximizes your chances of being accepted. Although there are many factors that go into a successful candidacy, here are the strategies I used during my admission process that I believe helped make my application as competitive as possible, and hopefully will make your application shine as well!

1. Show that you have done your research

The statement of purpose is a key part of your application and your main opportunity to show CEU that you have thoroughly researched the program, are enthusiastic about your chosen subject, and have thought through how your degree will serve your career or personal ambitions. I used this space to succinctly tell the story of me- I described how my professional and academic background influenced my interest in sustainability, what I would bring to the MESPOM program I was applying to, and how this degree fit into my career trajectory.

2. Perfect your CV

A well-written curriculum vitae is your chance to fill in the gaps that you weren’t able to cover in your statement of purpose, especially given the limited word count. As my application to the MESPOM program was a departure from my undergraduate studies in international relations, I made sure that my CV was as detailed and thorough as possible, highlighting transferable skills and experiences that demonstrate the fact that I was prepared to undertake a graduate degree in my new field and had the tools to be successful in a career change to this sector.

3. Make use of CEU’s application resources

Having just completed my first semester at CEU surrounded by inspiring and driven classmates, it is clear that a huge determinant of success in a given program is one’s passion for the subject matter. To convey this passion in your application materials, it is important to be well-versed on the ins and outs of your program so you can speak in specifics about why it is a good fit for you- so don’t be afraid to reach out to CEU to learn as much as possible! You can do this by chatting with current students and alumni, participating in an upcoming admissions and/or program-specific webinar, or reaching out to the admissions team for one-on-one guidance by email.