OSUN Launches 12 New Projects Expanding Access to Higher Education, Serving the Public Good

January 31, 2022

OSUN is pleased and excited to announce the official launch of twelve new projects that have been in active development with partners in the past year, ten of which are hosted by CEU.

While many of the projects speak to OSUN’s deep commitment to integrating teaching and curriculum development across campuses to address global inequalities, others promise to serve as new focal points for specific areas of research, including fiscal analysis, geospatial technology, and feminist media. Crucially, several projects are committed to advancing civic engagement and access to higher education for communities that historically have been marginalized, such as displaced persons, Roma, and the formerly incarcerated. Click on the links below to find out more about each project, what partners are involved, and what opportunities for collaboration they offer.

The Developing Teaching Professionals (DTP) project seeks to strengthen the pedagogical training and mentoring of individuals in the Global South who are preparing for careers as higher education instructors while the Certificate in Global Education and Development project (GLOBALED) provides networked coursework, practicums, and mentorships for students seeking professional work in global education development policy. 

Policy Labs focuses on expanding practice-based scholarship, engaged curricula, and data analysis to help amplify the impacts of public policy on issues such as energy efficiency and COVID. Collaborating for Rural Sustainability (CORUSUS) brings together partner institutions from the North and South to advance curricula and research on rural livelihoods and the project on Economic Policy Addressing Inequality and Poverty offers student exchanges to assist in the deep analysis of vexing problems related to scarcity. The project on Public Health and Human Rights aims to create a community of practice focused on coursework, research, and civic engagement opportunities exploring the intersection of global health, global justice, human rights, and inequalities.

GeoHub is an open platform project developing the capacity of OSUN scholars for using the latest geospatial methods and technologies in their research and teaching, with an eye to serving the public good. The Global Corruption Observatory works to make complex public finance datasets accessible to civil society and fiscal justice activists so they can more readily hold governments accountable. Interruptrr aggregates journalism and research by women that focuses on current events in the global context and circulates it in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

The Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) provides higher education preparation programs for refugees in several cities throughout Europe while Roma Equity in Higher Education accelerates training and education for marginalized Roma individuals, catalyzing inclusion and systemic equity. Through engaged learning programs, OSUN Science Shop connects broad audiences throughout Eastern Europe to higher education resources and civil society projects that address real-world problems.

Each of the new OSUN projects relies heavily on the valuable contributions of participating partner institutions and the students, faculty, and staff that make such collaborations possible. OSUN looks forward to the achievements and impacts of this diverse and promising set of new initiatives.