Seven Fun Winter Activities

February 7, 2022

by Oleksandr Vasylenko, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies

Winter is known to be one of the most marvelous times of the year, marking the pinnacle of holiday spirit and heart-warming get-togethers with family. To maximize our fun for the rest of the winter, it is necessary to refresh our memories of some of the most joyful activities everyone can participate in.

1. Making a Snowman

Apparently, it’s one of the most iconic things to do with snow. The classic creature, made of huge snowballs and a carrot as the nose. Despite this activity having several canons, concerning the structure of the snowman, in this activity, it is always possible to get creative, by changing the appearance or adding a few accessories. 

2. Snow Angels

Maybe sometimes it is better to forget about your routine and meditate while lying in the snow? Apart from being covered by fluffy snow, one receives an angel-shaped figure that can also be modified by some virtuous decorations.

3. Sledding

Didn’t have an opportunity to check out the ski resorts this year? Sledding can be a reasonable alternative. All you need is to find an appropriate hill with a safe base and pick up a sled, which can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

4. Snowball Fight

A good-old snow tossing can never be replaced. Once the land is covered with snow, you can go out with friends and find out who is the best marksman. Just be sure to check if your snowball is free of ice to exclude the risk of injury.

5. Home Decoration

If the weather is refusing to give you some snow or you got tired after another exhaustive snowball fight, there are some indoor winter activities as well. One of them is home decoration, which can occur even after the holidays. The range of decorations is almost inexhaustible and depends on your personal preferences. You can cut snowflakes out of paper or light up a set of aromatic candles. A set of fancy window stickers will also do the job, similarly to holiday lights that are extremely easy to set up.

6. Baking

If you miss your grandma’s cookies, you can make your own! Luckily, the Internet has a great variety of tasty recipes that can help you to make your bowl of cookies or other sweets, which you can share with your family and friends over a cup of hot cocoa.

7. Movie Night

A get-together over cinema always helps to create a special bond, especially if the movie is good. Fortunately, numerous cinematographic gems are set in winter times, so you have quite a long list. You can start with the classic fable-inspired “It’s a Wonderful Life” or  the unconventional option of action-packed “Die Hard”.