Everybody Knows Different Things About Different Things

February 10, 2022

by Eva Patyi, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of History

The number one fact that you need to know about my classmates is that they come from all around the world bringing not only wide cultural diversity to CEU but a vast amount of unique knowledge to the classroom. Virtually most of my classmates come from different parts of the world and even my peers who happen to be citizens of the same country are likely to represent different parts of it. In such an international environment, everybody adds something unique to the mix and we turn this to our advantage.

Not only have I been amazed by the friendly environment that I became privileged to study in, as a group my classmates and I also very quickly grew to trust and help each other. One particular aspect that comes from this international environment is that everybody developed certain strengths by coming from different backgrounds and by receiving different kinds of training in many different fields.

My favorite activity – useful from multiple perspectives – that I developed with a few of my classmates in order to help each other accomplish the best results possible, is reading one another’s essays and giving feedback on them. Everybody knows different things about different things, so we all add something previously unobserved, even unthought of aspects to each essay. For some it’s grammar clean-up, for some it’s structure and overall logic, for some it’s the suggestion of a new idea is the strongest response.

But what is most important is that my classmates are good friends, who encourage and offer counsel to each other on a daily basis. They are the kind of peers who are ready to challenge, help and advance me throughout the semester.