CEU – A Great Decision

March 22, 2022

by Eva Patyi, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of History

Making the decision to pursue another degree is never easy considering the dedication and other resources it might require. When I finished my previous master’s degree, I found myself standing in front of this situation. BUT applying to CEU and the opportunity to further my education at such a prestigious university turned out to be a true privilege.

When Zero Week started, I felt part of a special group of people, who are each passionate about their field of studies. Not having such an experience before, I came to realize already during the first week that coming to CEU was one of the best decisions of my life. This proved to be true for the rest of the semester and my positivity towards the institution and its applied education system only increased with the time I spent here.

I met many students from many different places coming from many different cultures and I gained friendships that will probably last a lifetime. As for academic growth, I do not exaggerate by saying that I successfully discovered my true interests and even topics that I did not know I was interested in.

Now that I have entered into the thesis-writing period, which I would say is the most exciting period of the program, I can only echo the nature of my previous experiences.