CEU Students Meet With Austria’s Federal Minister for European and International Affairs

March 25, 2022

At the invitation of the IWM (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna) Ukrainian and Russian students from CEU and from the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna met with Alexander Schallenberg, Austria’s Federal Minister for European and International Affairs. Ivan Vejvoda, Acting Rector of IWM and Ivan Krastev, Permanent Fellow at IWM hosted the meeting. Ukrainian author Andrey Kurkov also attended the discussion. 

The students had the opportunity to speak with the Federal Minister and to explore possibilities for finding a solution to the war in Ukraine. They could also express the most significant challenges they have encountered since the conflict began, such as their fears for family and friends, basic issues in their daily lives such as living and accommodation, the continuation of their studies, and their willingness to stay in Austria during the war.  

Minister Schallenberg listened attentively to the students' testimonies, expressed his support, and analyzed Austria's positions towards the developments of the war in Ukraine. Responding that the situation carries great difficulties, he pledged to take the students' requests on board, adding that he would try to promote them, especially those that can be solved immediately.