CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy Opens Call for Applications

March 31, 2022

The CEU Democracy Institute has opened a call for applications to the CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy (DILA).

DILA is a unique, 12-week part-time English-language leadership training program offered by the CEU Democracy Institute for a new generation of public leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. The course addresses the needs of mid-career local, municipal and national leaders, political party representatives, policy experts working at parties, in civil service and think-tanks, and civil society activists who seek to promote democratic change. 

The 2022 DILA program explores the current challenges political parties and activists face in European democracies - in cities, in national and in European politics with the guidance of our leading international faculty of scholars and experienced trainers. The curriculum covers topics on democratic governance and policy design, and equips fellows with a wide range of leadership and strategic skills that are instrumental for a successful career in public life.

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