CEU’s Welcoming Environment

April 5, 2022

by Eva Patyi, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of History

Moving one’s life to a new environment is not easy, let alone if you do not speak the language and have no connections in the given country. I have to say that CEU does everything for its community not to feel alone and isolated even and especially in the circumstances the world currently faces.

First off, even before our physical arrival to CEU, the online introductory webinars were very helpful along with the Orientation Week, even if it was virtual. We had the chance to gather useful tips regarding our stay in Vienna and resources offered by CEU. Upon our arrival, Zero Week was again extremely helpful in getting to know the professors and the overview of the courses that were held the entire year, thus making the selection easier. CEU has maintained a welcoming environment right from the beginning. Both the staff and the professors were equally kind and ready to answer the million questions with which we bombarded them.

Extracurricular activities were organized by the departments, making use of both the Budapest and the Vienna campuses. When circumstances allow, professors occasionally organize field trips to facilities related to the topic of the course they teach. Next to these, several student clubs welcome new members all year around.

In terms of support with languages, next to the source language teaching groups, the university offers several language courses for its students who wish to perfect their communication skills or to learn a foreign language from scratch. CEU truly has everything you need!