9th Edition of Data Stories

June 3, 2022

On May 23, the Central European University welcomed the 9th edition of Data Stories. It is an exhibition of research visualizations on social and behavioral topics, coming from both academia and industry. The ninth edition brought together students, faculty, and business representatives to share their work and tools for data analysis and visualization. This project aims to improve collaboration in academia and enhance communication between students and future employers. It also aims to generate an open dialogue on social knowledge, technological interests, and technical skills. 

This year the event was conceived in a hybrid format welcoming participants on-site in in the Auditorium of CEU in Vienna and from all over the world online. The event also includes an exhibition of data visualizations that will be present until the end of June 2022 in the cafeteria of CEU. 

Data Stories 2022 hosted five inspiring speakers, all part of the data scientist community, who explained to a large audience their points of view on how to visualize data and the impact that visualizations can have on society from different points of view. The speakers were: Marco Quaggiotto (Politecnico of Milan, Italy), Jörg Menche (University of Vienna, Austria), Tommaso Venturini (CNRS Centre for Internet and Society, Switzerland),  Laura Koesten and Kathleen Gregory University of Vienna, Austria).

The topics addressed were varied: from interactive maps to virtual reality, through preventive charts about climate change and Covid19. All the talks opened a stimulating discussion with the audience both onsite and online.   

In between the talks, there was time to walk around the exhibition of the 24 data visualizations presented. These attracted great attention and everyone could find a topic suited to their interest, like sport, music, gender equality, city organization or social habits. The authors of the posters came from all over the world, giving us a broad glance at international work. In addition, Jörg Menche brought a virtual reality station which allowed participants to directly explore large networks themselves by navigating between nodes and links. 

We are now very much looking forward to the 10th edition coming in 2023.