Symposium Brings CEU Philosophy Research into Conversation with Innsbruck-Based Scholars

On October 21 faculty and PhD students from Central European University’s (CEU) Department of Philosophy and the University of Innsbruck’s (LFU) Department of Philosophy will present current research in the CEU and LFUI Philosophy Symposium in Innsbruck, intended to grow the relationships between the two departments and Austria-based philosophy researchers.

“CEU is an internationally highly respected institution with a strong research record. Austria can consider itself fortunate that it is now based in Vienna,” comments symposium co-organizer and University of Innsbruck Associate Professor Marie-Luisa Frick. She notes that the coming together of the two philosophy departments is eagerly anticipated, after having been delayed due to the pandemic.

“This fall we will finally make it happen and we look forward to welcoming our colleagues and friends at a joint symposium at Innsbruck University. The point is to get to know each other and to see where there might be opportunities for collaboration between individual researchers working on similar topics,” says Frick, adding, “With a broad range of topics covered, the symposium also testifies to the rich diversity of contemporary philosophy.”

The symposium presentation topics range from academic freedom and education to mandatory vaccination. It will feature different philosophical strands and methodologies and provide insights into cutting-edge research in theoretical as well as practical philosophy. In 15 succinct presentations, faculty and PhD students from both institutions will showcase their recent work, promising stimulating debates and novel insights. CEU presenters include faculty: Maria Kronfeldner, Mike Griffin, Ferenc Huoranszki, Asya Passinsky, Hanoch Ben-Yami, Simon Rippon, Cathy Mason; and PhD students: Yaren Duvarci and Emanuele Tullio.

Co-organizer and CEU Professor Katalin Farkas remarks, "Soon after learning about CEU’s move, Innsbruck got in touch. We are looking forward to getting to know the students and faculty, and to make connections with Austria-based researchers in our field.”

The symposium is supported by CEU, LFU Faculty of Philosophy and History, Region of Tyrol, LFU Office of the Vice Rector for Research and the LFU Department of Philosophy. The full program is available here.