In Vienna Even the Sports are Enjoyable

by Tatiana Zebrowska, BA student in the Culture, Politics, and Society Program

Studying and living abroad comes with some challenges, but there are ways to combat them. Movement has a long list of benefits, but I don’t want to bore you with them. I’m here to show you how exciting and accessible sports are in Vienna.

I have to start with bikes since apart from releasing your endorphins, they are the best way to commute in the city. Not only are they usually faster than public transport, but sometimes they are even faster than a car. The city is packed with bike paths, so it’s truly a joy to cycle here. Apart from getting exercise out of commuting, you can also do wonderful biking trips inside and around Vienna. Don’t underestimate the value of this in terms of training, because Vienna is quite hilly.

Close to CEU there’s an amazing swimming pool that looks like a work of art. Amalienbad with its art deco flair is a joy to swim at. After exercising, you can visit their sauna complex or a restaurant, or both for a matter of fact. The opening hours are a bit irregular, but I’m sure you will find something that matches your university schedule.

If cardio isn’t your thing, no problem. There are a ton of gyms and studios in Vienna. You will find every sport here, but sometimes it will require doing a more thorough Google research. By no means I’m not discouraging you from learning German, but I just want to add that some places offer classes in English. Monthly passes and cards with a specific amount of classes are probably the most convenient, and they are available in most gyms, dance and yoga studios.

Finally, twice a year the school will send you an email with an invitation to sports classes that every student in Vienna can sign up for. There’s a wide selection of all the disciplines you can think of, with different time slots to choose from. You do have to pay for those classes, but the prices are way better than what you would find in normal sports studios. Furthermore, it’s also a great way of getting to know people outside of CEU.