Malachi Haim Hacohen Invites Reflection on Karl Popper’s Open Society and CEU

On October 19, CEU hosted Malachi Haim Hacohen, Professor of History, Jewish Studies and Religion and Director of the Religions and Public Life Program at Duke University. Hacohen delivered the lecture, “Popper, the Open Society and the Central European University: Past and Future” as a provocation for the CEU community to reflect on the founding ideals of the university and to consider CEU's roots, values and the road ahead.

The event was organized by CEU Strategic Planning Office, the Nationalism Studies Program and the Romani Studies Program, and was followed by a discussion with faculty Tim CraneAngéla KóczéPrem Kumar RajaramBalázs Trencsényi and Éva Fodor, moderated by Michael L. Miller.

The lecture segment of the program can be viewed in the video below: