CEU: A Uniquely International University

November 16, 2022

by Georgia Speight, LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies

As a current master’s student at CEU, I thought that I would write this post to explain why I chose CEU and whether it has lived up to my expectations (spoiler alert: it has!).

I chose to apply to CEU because I wanted to study at a university outside of my home country (the UK). Of all the possible universities to study at, I chose CEU because it advertised itself as an international university, hosting students and staff from over 100 countries, spanning 5 continents. Moreover, situated in Vienna, in the centre of Europe, I believed that I would be able to explore more of the continent during my time at CEU.

CEU has lived up to these expectations in the best possible way. In my program of only around 40 people, there are students representing more than twenty countries covering five continents. This brings a unique student experience both inside and outside the classroom. In our lessons we benefit from the vast range of experiences that each student brings and the different perspectives gained through CEU’s student diversity. As I study human rights law this means that I can learn from my fellow students about the legal traditions in their country of training, expanding my knowledge on legal cultures.

Moreover, outside the classroom I’ve really enjoyed learning about my friends’ homes and cultures. Highlights for me have involved celebrating thanksgiving with my American friends, being gifted a Martenitsa (red and white bracelet) to celebrate Baba Marta Day (a Bulgarian traditional holiday), attending a Brazilian carnival party, and dancing to Bollywood music at the park during our friend’s birthday picnic.

My time at CEU is coming to a close and next year the friends I have made here will most likely live thousands of miles away from me, in different countries around the world. However, this is all a part of the excitement of CEU and its international community. After CEU we will have connections and friendships around the globe.

The location of Vienna has also lived up to my expectations. Not only is it situated in the perfect place to visit neighbouring cities such as Budapest, Prague or Bratislava, but Vienna itself also has plenty to enjoy, to keep students occupied. For example, I have enjoyed discovering the many wonderful cafes or parks or opportunities to swim in the Danube on a sunny day.