CEU Hosts First Democracy Day at Vienna Campus

On December 1, Central European University (CEU) together with Wiener Zeitung and SORA will co-host the first edition of Democracy Day, from 1-6:30 p.m. CET at CEU’s Vienna campus. During the event, keynote speakers and panelists from media, academia and politics will evaluate the current lack of trust in democratic institutions and ways to strengthen participation. The event will be held in German with select segments in translation to English.

“With Democracy Day we look forward to opening a space for dialogue and reflection beyond academia on the crisis of democratic trust, to strengthen the links between CEU and local research centers, media and civil society, and to initiate an annual democratic dialogue that involves CEU students as well as Austrian citizens,” remarked keynote speaker Andreas Schedler, Senior Research Fellow at CEU’s Democracy Institute and Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science.

In addition to Schedler, speakers include Sigrid Maurer (Green Party), Harald Dossi (Austrian Parliament), Barbara Teiber (GPA), Gunther Ogris (SORA), Walter Hammerle (Wiener Zeitung), Martin Fleischhacker (Wiener Zeitung) and Carsten Schneider (CEU).

Democracy Day is open to the public and the discussion panels will be followed by a reception. To view the full program and register, please visit here.