Gordon Rausser Joins CEU Board of Trustees

Vienna (November 25, 2022) -- The Central European University (CEU) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Gordon Rausser has been unanimously elected to the Board, CEU’s highest decision-making body. Effective immediately as of the CEU Board’s decision, Dr. Rausser will serve for a period of four years, renewable twice.

Dr. Rausser is an American economist and is currently the Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dean Emeritus, College of Natural Resources and a professor of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. On three separate occasions, he served as chairman of his academic department, served two terms as Dean of the College of Natural Resources, and has served on the board of trustees of public universities and one private university. Over the years, he has been appointed to more than 20 boards of directors of both private and publicly traded companies, including as chairman. Over the course of his academic career, he has received 34 professional awards and honors, including Outstanding Journal Articles, Best Journal Articles, Best Research Discovery Awards, and awards for Publications of Enduring Quality.

Regarding his role as incoming trustee, Dr. Rausser remarked, “I look forward to serving Central European University, an institution founded following the collapse of the Soviet Union for the education of social scientists not only in Eastern Europe, but across the globe.” During the time, Dr. Rausser was the Chief Economist at the Agency for International Development and then became President of the Institute for Policy Reform in Washington D.C. His government service also includes serving with the Council of Economic Advisors.

“As Dean, Gordon had a transformative effect on Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources which has emerged as one of the most prestigious schools in resource economics in the world,” commented CEU President and Rector Shalini Randeria. She added, “His leadership experience and abiding interest in Central and Eastern Europe, dating back to the founding years of the CEU, represents an extraordinary asset for our university.” Dr. Rausser is additionally recognized for his innovation. One of his founding seed capital ventures, Peak6 Investments has become one of the country’s most successful equity-options trading firms.

On the occasion of the appointment, CEU Board Chairman Geoffrey W. Smith noted, “Attracting new talent to the CEU Board is one of my top priorities as Board Chair, and Gordon brings with him a unique combination of academic leadership, governance and innovation expertise that will benefit the University greatly. I and my fellow Trustees are grateful to Gordon for his willingness to make this commitment."