CEU Joins The Europaeum – A Network of 18 Leading European Universities

February 23, 2023

Vienna, February 23, 2023 – CEU Pro-Rector for External Relations Carsten Schneider and Europaeum Executive Director Hartmut Mayer signed a Memorandum of Understanding at CEU in Vienna today, confirming that Central European University (CEU) has joined the Europaeum network of European universities. The primary purpose of the collaboration is to enhance the education of MA and PhD students in the field of European studies, and to facilitate joint lectures, exchange of teaching staff, joint intensive programs, research seminars, and shared research projects.  

“By joining Europaeum, CEU becomes part of a unique student-focused network of 18 leading European universities of the Europaeum network, which grants access to multi-disciplinary programs and academic mobility across Europe for our excellent students,” said President and Rector Randeria. “Europaeum’s structured educational opportunities to spend study time at universities across Europe complement CEU’s programs and encourages critical reflection on Europe and European identity,” she added. 

“The member universities of Europaeum have unanimously agreed that, far from re-trenching, this is the time to build on the foundations we have established, to reassert our values and enhance our inter-connectedness,” said the Europaeum Executive Director Hartmut Mayer upon signing the agreement. “We need more, not less, emphasis on universities engaging with the wider society, more, not less, international collaboration, and more not less, drawing together of the disciplines,” he stated. 

“As a new member of Europaeum, CEU takes another step to strengthen its ties and collaboration with leading universities. Europaeum’s flagship 2-year policy and leadership course, and its MA degrees and exchange programs in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, together with CEU’s successful work in CIVICA and OSUN nicely complements and enhances opportunities for our students,” Schneider said.  

The Chair of Europaeum Trustees and Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Lord Chris Patten stated, “I am delighted to welcome the Central European University to the Europaeum. The Trustees are very pleased with CEU’s decision to accept the invitation to join the Europaeum. The Trustees are very impressed by the achievements of a young University which over the last three decades has become a leader in its field. The Trustees look forward to a long and successful co-operation with CEU and the other Member Universities.”