ORF's Europastudio Features Shalini Randeria on Ukraine's Future and Western Solidarity

On March 5, ORF's Europastudio, broadcast an hour-long feature "Ukraine's Future and Western Solidarity", featuring Central European University (CEU) Rector and President Shalini Randeria in conversation with host Paul Lendvai and guests Kurt Seinitz, Head of the Foreign Policy Department at Kronen Zeitung; Britta Sandberg, Correspondent at Der Spiegel, Paris; and Ingrid Steiner-Gashi, EU Correspondent at Kurier, Brussels.

Given that the future of an independent Ukraine depends on Western military and financial contributions, the Europastudio feature explored how concerns about inflation, energy shortages and irregular migration bring into question how long such support from a divided E.U. and U.S. government can and will continue at the current level.