Democracy in Question: Daniela Schwarzer on Europe's Strategic Conundrums, Part 2

The latest episode of the Democracy in Question podcast, hosted by Central European University (CEU) President and Rector Shalini Randeria, features Daniela Schwarzer. Schwarzer recently joined the Executive Board of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany, and has served as Executive Director for Europe and Eurasia at the Open Society Foundations, and as Director and CEO of the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Trained as a political scientist, Schwarzer is a widely recognized expert on European affairs, as well as transatlantic and international relations. She is a non-executive board member of BNP Paribas, an honorary professor of political science at the Free University in Berlin, and a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Schwarzer's highly acclaimed book in German is titled "Final Call, How Europe can assert itself between the United States and China" (2021). 

This episode, "Daniela Schwarzer on Europe's Strategic Conundrums" is the second of a two-part discussion, published May 31. Randeria and her guest explore current dilemmas faced by the European Union and the pursuit of strategic autonomy. How has a reliance on soft power, multilateral cooperation and economic integration created the current conditions of security and sovereignty in the EU? And what have the current and multiple crises brought to the forefront? Listen to hear what needs to be addressed regarding the EU’s current conundrums.

For each episode of Democracy in Question, Randeria invites a leading scholar or public figure to explore the challenges and dilemmas facing democracies around the world. Listen to the trailer and subscribe here.

Series six of Democracy in Question is produced in partnership with the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva (AHCD) where Randeria is a Senior Fellow. ACHD and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna co-produced seasons one and two of the podcast.