Appreciating a Teaching Approach in Dialogue With Current Events

June 22, 2023

Fiona Bogensberger, a Vienna native, came to CEU because of the interdisciplinary bachelor’s program. “I've gotten to understand the world we live in better because of CEU. I really like the interplay between economics and politics, it's so relevant and I've come to better understand how the world works around me.” She remembers having her admissions interview during lockdown, and after acceptance to the program, appreciated that the areas of study were broad enough to explore.   

As a Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student, Bogensberger highlighted the connection between current events and concepts being taught in the classroom. She recalls the day the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and appreciated how her professor, Adam Zawadowski incorporated the events into class discussion for the course, Money, Banking and Crises. The experience demonstrated to Bogensberger the relevance of the topics in her course of studies. 

Outside the classroom, Bogensberger undertook an internship at Institut fur Konfliktforschung, a political science research institute, as part of her studies. She assisted the Department of Legal Studies with the symposium, Between Philosopher King and Juristocracy: The Ambivalence of Adventurous Apex Courts in South Asia, which took place at CEU May 19-20, 2023. Bogensberger also remembers enjoying a spring day when, after class at CEU, she and her fellow classmates went swimming at the Alte Donau, a refreshing experience of life in Vienna in community with students.  

“What I cherish the most of CEU is when class discussions were going well. That's where I got the most learning experience and how I enjoy studying, she said.  

Her advice to incoming students? “Engage in class discussions, ask questions and really do the reading, so that you can contribute meaningfully in this way and have an enriching experience.