Democracy in Question: Janka Oertel on "The End of the China Illusion" (Part 1)

The latest episode of the Democracy in Question podcast, hosted by CEU President and Rector Shalini Randeria, features Janka Oertel, Director of the Asia program at the European Council of Foreign Relations.

Her book "The End of the China Illusion" (in German) makes an arguement to no longer view China as a regional scientific phenomenon, but as a global issue and a challenge for society as a whole. Based in Berlin, Oertel previously worked as senior fellow in the Asia program at the German Marshall Fund where her main areas of interest were Transatlantic China policy, Chinese foreign policy and security in the region. Her publications have dealt with EU-China relations, U.S.-China relations, security in the Asia Pacific, Chinese foreign policy and climate cooperation. Oertel has testified on EU-China relations before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also the German Parliament. 

In this episode "Janka Oertel on 'The End of the China Illusion' (Part 1)" published August 30, Randeria and her guest explore the illusions about China's ambitions related to expanding military and economic power. How have such illusions been perpetuated by Germans and Europeans in order to maintain profit for companies? And what does a realistic assessment of China's current ambitions of global economic dominance, military might and technological supremacy, mean for the recalibration of European political, economic and security options?

For each episode of Democracy in Question, Randeria invites a leading scholar or public figure to explore the challenges and dilemmas facing democracies around the world. Listen to the trailer and subscribe here.

Series seven of Democracy in Question is produced in partnership with the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva (AHCD) where Randeria is a Senior Fellow. ACHD and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna co-produced seasons one and two of the podcast.