The BOOST graduating class of 2019 consists of outstanding graduate students from accross the University, who have been selected in a  competitive application process. Here are their profiles: 

HAIDER WASEEM ANWAR is a political science researcher currently pursuing MA in International Relations at Central European University. His interests revolve around development and security; pertinent to producing analytical research on migration issues. To fulfill his impact goals, he intends to pursue PhD studies. His aim with BOOST is to understand migration policy and design a PhD proposal. His vision is derived from his previous education and personal interest in political science, security, and globalization. His impact goal is to work on global challenges of human mobility, assimilation, security and migration that arise due to asymmetric trends of globalization, inequality, conflict and structural scarcity of resources. He believes understanding and creating decisive research on development (aid and policy) and securitization (both dissemination and understanding) can direct better policy making. He is passionate about working towards sustainable and inclusive policy solutions. 

TEREZA BAUER is enthusiastic about two areas she aims to bring together in her career and life: Finance and Education. She is pursuing MS in Finance at Central European University, while working in financial services benchmarking at McKinsey‘s subsidiary Finalta. In the future, Terry hopes to explore ways to use financial knowledge and tools to make the world better, nicer and more sustainable, for example by working in “ESG‘“ (environmental, social, governance) investing. She is equally passionate about education and hopes to be involved in developing lifelong learning projects, focusing on personal finance literacy. Aspiring to be a globally-minded, well-rounded human, Terry holds a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Bristol and MA in Political Science from CEU. While being a Central European at heart, her fascination with languages and cultures brought her to the UK, Mexico, Brazil and Egypt. She has worked in research and consulting in businesses and NGOs and volunteered at art venues and film festivals.

ISRAEL COLLIER, also known as “Is”, is currently pursuing the Social Justice and Human Rights specialty at the CEU School of Public Policy. A volunteer at heart, she would like to combine her passion for community service with education and housing construction through an initiative that cultivates mentorship and combats inadequate housing. Her aim with BOOST is to initiate an NGO startup that provides an opportunity for disadvantaged African American high school seniors to learn a specific skill set for the purpose of building homes in Roma populations.  Skills such as planning, time management, fundraising and building capacity will act as conduits for selected young people to become competent and therefore confident in project management, while building homes for those in need.  To pursue this endeavor, she will work to implement a strategic business plan, inspiring NGOs with similar values to collaborate towards a common goal, community service. 

JAIME DENNIS is a writer with a deep-seated curiosity about the lives of other black women around the world. Her primary objective is to create an international creative brand that develops content for young professional women with a global focus that educates, empowers and most importantly entertains. The backbone of her brand would be an online magazine that would serve as a platform for her audience to develop an understanding and to share their experience with other black women around the world. The magazine will cover a variety of topics and will be a combination of her personal experience and the experiences of those of her contributors. Jaime is a diverse individual and she believes that her unique voice and perspective will be the key to audience engagement.  She was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, and moved to New York City at the age of 13 with her family.  She worked in New York as a finance professional before moving to Budapest, Hungary. Living as a Jamaican born American expat in Budapest has re-ignited her desire to examine the black woman experience across the globe and ultimately to bridge the gap by creating a platform where the complexities of that experience can be shared. She strongly believes that shared experience is the best vehicle for building communities.

KANYKEI DZHUSUPOVA is Senior Supply Assistant in Quality Management Unit at UNHCR. Currently, Kanykei is pursuing MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets at Central European University. She is truly enthusiastic about economic and sustainable development in third world countries. Kanykei strongly believes that it can be achieved through education and improvement of business environment in a country. Therefore, her aim is to transform existing family business in her home country, Kyrgyzstan, from pure profit maximizing firm to social entrepreneurship. Along with that, Kanykei pays special attention to build solid career path in Supply Chain Management and Logistics (SCML) in UN system in order to get experience and help people of concern to develop and prosper. 

SABUHI KHALILI studies MA in Economics at Central European University. His previous experience includes working for the governmental of Azerbaijan as an economic analyst and teaching at a university. He was also involved in an number of project management and consulting engagements.  He joined CEU to broaden his knowledge with education and pursue an international career. He is taking programming classes to add an extra value to his professional profile which includes two degrees in International Relations.  His aim is to learn how the market works from the vantage of a respected international institution with the purpose of eventually using this experience for the development of Azerbaijan. 

ELENA KRUSHEUSKAJA is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration at Central European University and specializes in Media and Communications. Being educated in both diplomacy and visual studies, she is passionate about advocacy for migration. Elena previously worked for the Belarusian opposition and on LGBT rights, as well as for various media outlets. She is known for being a photographer, radio presenter and face of multiple social movements, including those supporting CEU and CEU Alumni. Recent projects of hers include documentary filmmaking and research on innovative ways of communication for integration. Outside the professional sphere Elena has a wide range of interests from chess and singing to drawing, but her main passion is for problem solving in both puzzles and real life.

NIKHIL MAHANT is enthralled by the question of what makes life worth living and aspires to make the ideal of a good life real for everyone. He is convinced that a judicious engagement with leisure time can transform one's quality of life, enhance productivity, and improve overall well-being. In his BOOST project, Nikhil will work on creating an effective and executable inventory of philosophical concepts, practices, and methods for constructively harnessing leisure time, followed by execution of a proof of concept. Before joining the PhD program at Central European University, Nikhil earned a master’s from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi (where he taught philosophy for a couple of years) and a bachelor’s in engineering from IIT Delhi.

NOOR MASANNAT is currently a graduate student at Central European University pursuing master’s degree in Global Public Policy. She earned her BA in Political Science and French Studies from Bryn Mawr College in the US. Noor’s expertise is in public policy and foreign affairs. In 2016, she began working at the Royal Protocol of His Majesty King Abdullah II at the Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan, where she accompanied His Majesty during his travels to meet with various political figures and high-profile investors, including Mr. George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Her professional experience provided her with a systematic understanding of how public policies are shaped and implemented at local and international levels. Noor hopes to gain experience and knowledge in political analysis, particularly as a tool to understand international development in the Middle East. Noor plans to return home after gaining needed experience in natural resources management and try to make her home country more peaceful and resourceful.

PHUONG NGUYEN NGOC CAT is currently a graduate student pursuing double degrees in Finance and Technology Management at Central European University. Her fascination about cultures and people has brought her from her home country of Vietnam to many different places in the world before falling in love with the beauty of Hungary. White working in financial service area, she gained experience in research and consulting in and volunteered at NGOs focused on education an assistance to underprivileged women in developing countries. This experience made her believe that if a woman has an opportunity to study, she can change her life and the lives of people around her. Therefore, she is determined to pursue a career in the FinTech area while helping to set up a private finance and tech school for women living in poverty in Vietnam. 

KATA PALI is pursuing a master’s in public policy at CEU and specializes in development and governance. She is developing her evaluation and project management skills. She did her BA in Szeged in social sciences, community organization and cultural management, and holds a master’s degree in international relations specialized on human rights and conflict resolution from ELTE. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she has been working in the corporate sector for 3 years, then decided to further pursue her interest in human rights and development so stated her studies at CEU. She did internships in Jordan, at UNHCR and UCLU. She participated in a startup incubator program and was a founding member of the voluntary civil cooperation in Hungary that formed as a response to the 2015 refugee crisis. Her main interest is the relationship between human rights, development and entrepreneurship / innovation and how of these can be ensured and strengthened by the other disciplines.

KAMILA POTOCAROVA is studying towards an MA degree in International Relations at Central European University with a specialization in security. To combine her passion for politics and problem-solving she is aiming for a career of a consultant and wants to become a specialist in the area of cyber-security. Kamila earned her bachelor’s in European Studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has previous experience  working for Habitat for Humanity as a fundraising intern and as a junior political officer at the Slovak Embassy in Washington, D.C. She also studied at the summer university program at George Mason University, on a scholarship from the Fund for American Studies. 

MAKSIM RADOMSKII is studying economics at Central European University. Having experience in banking as a corporate credit analyst and in academia as a research assistant, he aims to transition to a career centered around project-type work with challenging and creative tasks. His combination of analytical mindset and soft skills makes him a good fit management consulting, where he intends to find a job after graduation. Before CEU, Maksim also worked as a journalist and editor in few magazines, organized business and political talks at while pursuing his undergraduate studies and took part in British parliament-style debates. Always striving to create and learn something new, he also has some ideas for his own business projects.

JAN JACOB VOGELAAR has an academic background in regional economics and public policy. He aspires for a career on the edge of both subjects and wants to contribute to meaningful regional economic policies, preferably in developing economies. He has not yet decided whether that will be as a consultant or as a policymaker. Jan Jacob is particularly interested in evidence-based policies that aim to foster innovative entrepreneurship, by contributing to the access to capital for innovative ventures. Evidence-based is a key term in this respect. Previously, Jan Jacob worked for a boutique public sector consultancy firm in the Netherlands where he specialized in policy evaluation. At Central European University, Jan Jacob’s focus is on learning how to design and evaluate interventions that work, using quantitative research methods.

NEELAM YADAV is a visiting research scholar at Central European University. She is passionate about philosophy and education and her BOOST project synthesizes both her passions. She believes that centuries of philosophical reflection have tremendous potential to add value to the lives of people, yet philosophers have not been very successful in communicating it to the masses. She wishes to bridge this gap by developing effective pedagogical tools, experiential learning sessions, and knowledge repositories which enable everyone to adopt a philosophical attitude towards issues of interest and benefit from the ruminations of philosophers. In her BOOST project, she will be working on the specific philosophical issue of how leisure can be converted into an instrument for social and personal enhancement.