BOOST is run by a distinguished multidisciplinary team, and it is based on research on success and high performance in a variety of professional settings. Research confirms the value of clear objectives and a broad scope of options in an individual's professional and career endeavors. Yet, above all, it highlights that professional success depends critically on both the ability to commit to and to execute a chosen professional path in a disciplined manner. In a world of increasing specialization, mastery in any field requires a vast investment of time, energy, and passion.

Psychologists refer to this ability to focus, to resist boredom and burnout, and not to be discouraged by failure, grit. Yet grit is an attitudinal component of what management science has long regarded as an essential prerequisite of organizational and individual strategy and associated strategic mindsets.

BOOST offers you a practical, guided, project-based program in designing and implementing professional impact strategies. It draws on research in strategic management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, sociology, and psychology.

While BOOST is based on research, it is not a traditional graduate course. Interactive, multi-disciplinary, case-oriented classes will be supplemented with intensive group work and frequent interactions with highly experienced and well-connected Executive Mentors.