CEU Community Involvement

For the Campus Redevelopment Project and the Campus Redevelopment team, community involvement is crucial.

Over 270 consultations were held so far to determine briefs, user preferences, to obtain the input and buy-in of the University's students, faculty and staff. The campus could not have been designed without the valuable information, input and feedback received from all these colleagues.

We began the project by a deliberate process of immersion, reading around the subject, analyzing our brief, listening to our client & people who can help us learn something new about the given situation. Multiple early consultations & meetings with the CEU community (students, faculty, staff) augmented the understanding of the Brief and gave insights into the workings of CEU and the interconnections within and between Departments. We explored the city of Budapest, observing the historic architectural pattern of courtyard development, facades & boulevards of stone.

Community input and consultation is ensured in the following way:

  • regular townhall meetings
  • presentations and lectures by the design and project teams
  • public focus group meetings
  • committee involvement
  • regular meetings with academic, research, research support and administrative units
  • monthly hard hat tours
  • hard hat tours for special audiences such as alumni or students
  • press conferences, presentations at various Budapest conferences and forums
  • press releases and articles in local and international media

CEU Open Campus - December 4, 2014

Construction Site Tours with CEU Board Members, Senior Staff and Faculty, Students and Alumni

Laying the Foundations - May 9, 2015

BREEAM Press Conference - July 10, 2015

SUSCO conference - October 8, 2015

Student Construction Site Tour - Oct 15, 2015