Site Works and Construction

Much of the redevelopment is taking place existing street facades, preserving the architectural character of the district and the city. At the same time, emphasis is placed on innovative and functional interior architecture and design. Since one project goal is to enhance the University’s presence and civic outreach in Budapest, CEU is in constant consultation with local authorities to determine how the project can benefit the city most.

In December 2014, CEU appoitned the MARKET - STRABAG consortium as General Contractor for Phase I and II of the Project. Both companies have extensive local and international experience in developing educational buildings in constricted urban environments.

The technical supervisor tasks are carried out by the DVM Group. The DVM Group has provided interior design, project management, construction management, technical supervision, environmental consultancy and general construction services in Budapest for 20 years now. 

TOMLIN Kft is responsible for the cost management and quantity surveyor services. TOMLIN Kft. performs complex cost and project management, engineering-consulting services for owners, investors, developers and end-users ranging from simple individual facilities to highly complex multi-site network projects.

Nador 15 facade sequence - January 2015 - August 2016

Changes of Nador 15 sprial stair

Changes of Nador 13 courtyard

Changes of the Roofgarden

Changes of the Auditorium