CEU's Mission and Goals of the Project

Four main principles underpin CEU's mission. The new University campus will incorporate these principles in physical, design, and aesthetic terms. In keeping with its mission and core values CEU's campus should help promote the following primary goals:

  • CEU is a crossroads university with deep regional roots and broad international perspective. The combination of regional roots, global aspirations and genuine international diversity should be reflected in CEU's physical facilities.
  • CEU is committed to the integration of theory and practice, academic excellence and social relevance. The teaching and research facilities of CEU should reflect this commitment so that scholars, practitioners and students may interact in surroundings conducive to this goal.
  • Respecting academic disciplines, CEU emphasizes a multi and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. The university premises should enable and enhance the possibility for interdepartmental and interdisciplinary cooperation among faculty members.
  • CEU is committed to intellectual innovation in the development of new academic endeavors. Its campus should be designed so that new initiatives, programs and events may be planned and efficiently implemented.

The aims of the Campus Redevelopment Project are to:

  • Create an environment that reflects and responds to the needs of our diverse student and faculty body, providing as far as possible a 'home away from home', an environment that accommodates diversity and is not disadvantageous to any specific group in either educational or operational terms.
  • Provide facilities that enable CEU to be a leading university in the application of information technology to assist its on-campus activities and expand its outreach. Such solutions might include the enhancing of videoconferencing technology to reduce travel and accommodation costs, and the development of multi-media learning and teaching facilities.
  • Provide the capacity to establish CEU as an international center and meeting place for scholars, practitioners and students from all over the world. At present we are limited in our outreach by an inability to host medium and large international events on our own premises. The addition of medium-size conference facilities would enable CEU to attract proportionately larger international and local Hungarian audiences.
  • Ensure that CEU complies with appropriate international standards and best practices for sustainable development in the construction and design of facilities and fixtures concerning energy use and other environmental conservation.

We have a community which shares a spirit of openness. This spirit has sometimes been shaped alongside history, sometimes in spite of history. This spirit needed – and needs – a home. Both literally, and in a metaphorical sense.

Tibor Varady /University Professor, Department of Legal Studies, faculty member since 1993