Wifi Internet Access on CEU campus

At CEU, there are three (3) levels of access to wireless networks. These are categorized below by the name of the given network (“SSID”). These networks are available in all CEU buildings.

  1. CEU network SSID: CEU members can authenticate using their Novell username and password. This authentication is necessary only once per device. After the first authentication, the device will remember these settings, so users can use this Wi-Fi network every day without having to log in. Authenticated devices could have less strict firewall rules, and could have easier access to various resources (Novell network, SAP, Office365 client, UIS etc.) without the use of VPN. CEU assures that there is sufficient bandwidth for the dedicated devices and services on this network, resulting in better overall Wi-Fi performance.
  2. Eduroam network SSID: offers internet connectivity to roaming users of all other Eduroam member institutions and is available to visitors from Eduroam partners (and also for CEU community members in other partner institutions).
  3. CEU Guest network SSID: for guest access (for instance, to external Library visitor, other external visitors, conference visitors etc.), CEU provides a separate guest network called ‘CEU Guest’. This is a more strictly protected network with stronger firewall settings. Bandwidth is limited to provide sufficient Wifi capacity to the members of CEU (users connected to the ‘CEU’ network). The password to connect is: Budapest1991