Fire and Safety

CEU is committed to maintaining a comprehensive fire safety program for all members of the University community. In order for the fire safety programs to be effective there must also be campus-wide support. Adherence to the fire and safety rules of the University, including cooperation during fire drills - announced and unannounced, are essential parts of the fire safety program. The entire fire safety policy and how CEU complies with this law is outlined in the CEU Fire Safety Law 2016, which outlines the National Fire Law (54/2014. (XII.5.)

All students, employees and visitors should fully acquaint themselves with actions to be taken in case of fire, bomb alerts or other emergencies. Instructions are displayed in all rooms and elevators of the University complex detailing these actions (“In case of Fire” notices).

A training session on fire safety is obligatory for every student and employee each Academic Year. These will be coordinated by the Building Management Group ( for all employees and in coordination with the Dean of Students office for students ( Fire drills are organized in order to ensure that evacuation procedures can be carried out smoothly in case of emergency.

Fire escapes routes are marked in each building by international symbols of green/white lights. In case of a fire everyone should spread the alarm and evacuate the respective building immediately through the nearest emergency exit. The use of elevators is not allowed. The escape routes and doors must not be blocked even for short periods of time.

Smoke and fire detectors are installed in all CEU buildings. Fires or areas of smoke will automatically sound the alarms. Smoking is not permitted in any CEU buildings, including the rooftop of Nador 13/15.

Sprinkler systems have also been installed and will be activated in the event of fire. These are sensitive systems and should not be tampered with.