Cloakrooms/Locker rooms

The main cloakroom is located in the Nador 15 building, which also can be accessed from the Nador 13 Ground Floor.

At CEU, there are two types of lockers:

  1. Lockers for academic year use located in departmental premises: these are primarily allocated to students from those departments.
  2. Lockers for academic year use located in non-departmental premises: these are allocated upon request, mainly to students whose departments lack student locker space.

All lockers on CEU premises are the property of CEU. They are made available for storing school supplies and personal items necessary for use at the University. Lockers at CEU premises are not to be used to store items which cause, or can reasonably be foreseen to cause, an impediment to University operations (especially flammable, explosive materials or equipment or weapons), or which are forbidden by Hungarian regulations or University rules (alcohol, drugs). As they are the property of CEU, these lockers do not bestow privacy to the users temporarily using them: CEU retains the right to inspect the lockers and their contents at any time to ensure that the locker is being used in accordance with its intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards, maintain sanitary conditions, attempt to locate lost or stolen materials or any other material forbidden by school rules.