Medical Services

The CEU Medical Center is open to all students, faculty and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid CEU ID and a medical insurance card.

There are English-speaking doctors (male and female) who hold regular consultation hours.

  • Location| Nador 11 Building | courtyard
  • Phone | 327-3815
  • Emergency mobile phone number | (+36-30) 832-6260

The doctors’ schedules are posted in front of the Medical Center at the beginning of the Academic Year. In case there is any change in their schedules (for instance in the summer months of July and August) information will be posted in advance at the entrance of the Medical Center.

The services of the CEU Medical Center are free of charge for all CEU faculty, students and staff with required documentation.

In case of an emergency, please try reaching the CEU Medical Center at the mobile number first. If they cannot be reached, please dial the general emergency line at x3911. If that cannot be reached, dial (0 first if calling from a CEU line) 112. It is possible to call 112 free of charge from a mobile phone even without a SIM card. In addition to Hungarian, the call can be answered in English.

This number should be called only in case of a serious emergency or life-threatening situation, such as a serious accident, poisoning, etc.