CEU Residence and Conference Center

CEU Residence Center
Phone: +36-1 327 3150
Fax: +36-1 327 3169
E-mail: resman@ceu.edu
Website:  http://residencecenter.ceu.edu/
Location: H-1106 Budapest, Kerepesi ut 87 

The Reception Desk is open 24 hours.

The accommodation facilities available at CEU are one of the many advantages of studying here.

The CEU Residence Center is a modern residence complex in the 10th district of Budapest – an easy distance to the buzz of the city center.

The Residence Center offers comfortable, furnished, air-conditioned accommodation for over 400 graduate students.

All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom. Bed linen is provided, but not towels and toiletries. Wireless Internet access is available in the whole Residence Center.

The Center is run as a hotel-type service and students can find many other facilities such as:

  • a cafeteria and a bar 
  • a pub
  • a sports center with swimming pool, sauna and fitness room
  • basketball/football court, tennis court
  • parking

On every floor there is a TV lounge with a stove, coffee machine, a microwave oven, grill oven, kettle and refrigerators, as well as a small kitchen (kitchen utensils are not provided). There is a laundry with washing machines and dryers in the basement.  The building includes a conference center with meeting rooms (up to 350 participants seated), catering service, technical equipment and accommodation on a space-availability basis.

Directions from the main CEU Campus (Nador u. 9)

From Deak ter the red metro (line 2) should be taken to Ors vezer tere and a transfer should be made to one of the following buses: 44, 45, 176E or 276E. Take bus number 44 two stops to get to the Residence Center or take bus No 45 three stops or 176E and 276E one stop, alternatively. Getting to/from the Center to/from the Central European University teaching facilities takes about 45 minutes.

For additional information read the Residence Center house rules  or its  FAQ page