Security, Fire, and Safety

On Campus

Criminal actions, potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus should be reported immediately by dialing the Nador 11 reception desk: (36-1) 327-3100, x3100.

Students, faculty and staff members should make accurate and prompt reports in order to assist in notifying the appropriate authorities. They should identify themselves and the location from which they are calling, as well as briefly describing the problem and the situation. They should not leave—if possible and secure—the location from which the emergency call was placed.

Camera system: For the safety of the CEU community and property, surveillance cameras are installed for recording at entrances, PhD Labs and Computer Labs, including in the Library. Motion detectors are installed throughout the campus.


In case of emergency (criminal action, fire, accident, etc.) dial 112.

It is possible to call 112 free of charge from a mobile phone even without a SIM card. In addition to Hungarian, the call can be answered in English, German and in some cases in Romanian.

If you are harassed or feel unsafe while outside CEU, you have every right to contact the police (CEU Security, Legal Office, and the Dean of Students Office are available to support you in this process, contacts below). We encourage you to also share your concerns with CEU. If you have concerns that your rights have been violated in any way by anyone, CEU’s legal counsel is available for consultation.

In general, stay away from any disturbances and do not engage in altercations. If at a demonstration, stay with friends, stay calm if the police approach you and follow their directions, and do not challenge police or other authorities in the lawful discharge of their duties. Should you end up in a situation where you are detained by the police, you are within your rights to ask the reason why, the possible duration, and to ask for an attorney.

Your rights related to media

If you are approached by the media and would like to refuse them for any reason, you may do that any time at your own discretion and refer them to the CEU Communications Office. If you are filmed and you do not want to be, you have the right to tell them and also declare that you do not consent to your image or voice being taken or recorded and/or used in any format, including the footage. Please share any such attempts with the CEU Communications Office.

Please note that you have the right to ask the media representative to show the recorded/written interview to you before publication/broadcasting and ask for any corrections or modifications. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to publication or broadcasting.

Media do not have the right to pursue you on private property (this includes CEU) or by phone. If they do not leave or continue to harass you by phone, you are within your rights to contact the police and/or contact CEU Communications Office to help handle the situation. Also, if you receive a phone call during which the caller is asking questions that don't pertain to your department, center or your area of expertise, please ask the caller to contact the relevant unit by email and provide them with the proper email address.

On campus, filming is not allowed unless pre-arranged with the CEU Communications Office. If you see anyone filming unaccompanied by CEU staff, please inform CEU Communications Office or any of the reception desks in the buildings.

Key CEU Contacts