Sustainable CEU

CEU is committed to sustainability, and to becoming a model of sustainability in higher education. The University is a signatory to the COPERNICUS University Charter for Sustainable Development and has its own Sustainable Development Policy.

CEU recognizes that sustainable development for Universities involves taking responsibility for the environmental footprint of University activities, along with an understanding of the unique role that institutes of higher education play in building stronger and more conscious communities, and advancing contemporary dialogues on environmental issues. 

In accordance with the University Sustainable Development Policy, CEU is committed to making progress in the following areas:

  • Accurately monitoring resource consumption and implementing building management strategies that minimize environmental impacts and generate social well-being and economic benefits as well as learning opportunities
  • Encouraging environmentally conscious procurement practices and responsible selective waste management practices on campus
  • Maintaining a bike friendly campus, and distributing information about low carbon transport options in the region
  • Building important relationships and networks to nurture local and global sustainable communities and participating in beneficial social outreach projects locally
  • Disseminating impactful sustainable development research findings and providing learning forums by hosting relevant speakers, conferences, and workshops
  • Prioritizing energy and resource efficiency when implementing refurbishment projects and renovations

In pursuit of these goals, the University established the CEU Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) in December 2010. CSAC's Declaration outlines proposed steps that CEU can consider in furthering sustainability. Additionally, Sustainable CEU is a student-based initiative to promote sustainability issues within the CEU campus and the wider community. CEU is well positioned to be an influential innovator in environmental sustainability and justice. 

Students and community members who are interested in University sustainability and environmental advocacy at CEU and in Hungary can find more information about how to get involved by emailing Campus Environmental and Sustainability Officer Logan Strenchock, at