Campus Sustainability

Environmental Design Elements of the Nador 13 and Nador 15 Buildings

The first Phase of CEU’s Campus Redevelopment Project was completed in 2016 with the opening of the newly renovated Nador 13 and 15 buildings. The campus redevelopment project prioritized building infrastructure that fulfills the expectations of the University community, and the standards set by the University Sustainable Development Policy. The resulting project design and revitalized campus infrastructure ensures that CEU complies with appropriate international standards and best practices for sustainable development in the construction and design of facilities and fixtures concerning energy use and other environmental conservation. We encourage all students to familiarize themselves with the sustainable design elements of CEU’s campus facilities by consulting the Building User Guide, which outlines important tips for community members and future building occupants.

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Campus Redevelopment Project Website

Building Management

It is the aim of the Building Maintenance Group and Campus Services Office to work together to ensure that a comfortable working and studying environment is maintained in all University buildings. In addition to managing and performing routine maintenance, it is our responsibility to ensure that University heating, cooling and air circulation systems are performing at optimum efficiency, and that campus space it managed in a manner that encourages energy and resource conservation. If you would like to learn more about how to best manage the working conditions in your office or classroom, or if you would like to report an issue with the heating, cooling, or lighting systems or interior environment in your workspace, please email


Waste reduction and efficient selective waste management is a primary goal at CEU. Selective waste bins are distributed evenly throughout campus to make smart waste management convenient for all users. Currently, clearly defined paper, plastic, and metal collection bins are widely distributed throughout all floors of buildings on campus, and in most cases located in common areas and kitchens. Used batteries can be deposited in the specially marked green bin near the ATM in main entrance areas of the Nador 11 Building. Glass waste can be deposited in the Nador u. 11 courtyard where labelled collection bins are located.

We encourage you to be creative in coming up with ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce on campus. Not producing waste is the best solution, but when you do please consider the appropriate bin when disposing of waste, and if you have any questions related to waste management please contact:

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Environmentally Friendly Transport and Bikes on Campus

Most CEU community members utilize public transportation to commute to and from the University. Our centrally located campus is surrounded by access points to Budapest's wide array of public transport options, and regional and international train connections. A comprehensive summary of ways to access our campus using public transport in Budapest can be found in the University Travel Plan.

See more: CEU Travel Plan 

CEU also encourages the use of bicycles as a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly form of transportation. In recent years bicycle culture has been growing in Budapest, the CEU community has many dedicated bikers who commute throughout the year. Since 2013, the CEU Bike Share program has allowed University community members to utilize bikes for short term borrowing periods.

CEU community members who commute by bicycle can utilize the Oktober 6 Street Number 7 building courtyard for daily parking purposes. The courtyard is located on the entrance level of the Oktober 6 Street Number 7 building, where the School of Public Policy and several CEU offices are located.

To access the bicycle courtyard, please enter through the main entrance of the Oktober 6 Number 7 building, and proceed to the back of the entrance floor, where you will find a door which you can use to access the parking area on the right side of the back wall. Please look for signs which indicate where the bike parking area is located.

For more information about bicycle parking at CEU, please consult the CEU Bicycle Guidelines document.

CEU Bike Tire Pump User Guide

If you have any questions, please email

Paper Products

Since 2012 CEU has committed to purchasing 100% recycled printing paper as the default paper selection for all University printers. Additionally, recycled and unbleached hand towels and paper products are utilized in kitchens and wet block areas at CEU.

Fresh Water on Campus

Drinking water at CEU meets all Hungarian and EU standards for safe and healthy drinking water. Official testing of water quality on campus was initiated with the intent to encourage community members to have full confidence in choosing tap water for hydration needs on campus. Utilizing tap water for hydration purposes has significant environmental, health, and economic benefits.

In accordance with ongoing efforts to promote sustainability initiatives at CEU and to strengthen the commitments outlined in the University Sustainable Development Policy, Sustainable CEU and the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) encourage you to take advantage
of the high quality, free, and environmentally friendly source of drinking water supplied directly to our campus.

Currently filtered and chilled drinking water fountains can be found in the following locations:
Nador 11 Building : Main Entrance
Oktober 6 Street 7 Building: 1st Floor Hallway near restroom entrance
Nador 13 and Nador 15 Buildings: Located near restrooms on each floor of the buildings

Environmental and Health Benefits of Drinking Tap Water