Sustainability: Research, Teaching, and Learning

CEU is a signatory to the Copernicus University Charter for Sustainable Development. CEU thereby affirms its commitment as a higher learning institution to sustainable development and its "duty to propagate environmental literacy and to promote the practice of environmental ethics in society, in accordance with the principles set out in the Magna Charta of European Universities and subsequent university declarations, and along the lines of the UNCED recommendations for environment and development education" as per the Charter.

Putting in place measures to systematically integrate environmental sustainability into CEU's management system and infrastructure will continue to be an important statement the university can make to its faculty, students, staff and the outside world. But beyond its performance in the areas of energy efficiency, recycling and other physical measures the university's main impact on sustainability is through the direction of its research and its success in producing graduates who understand and successfully address sustainability challenges in the world.

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