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A threat to academic freedom in our region that affects us and our colleagues at the central European University in Budapest.

We, the members of the department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton (including two graduates of CEU), are writing to express our dismay at the actions of the

Our department at the University of Maryland has a long-standing relationship with CEU, and, as a result, we have seen—and benefited from—the important scholarly and pedagogical work conducted at t

We write to you as the Directors of Centers for East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies across the United States, in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Az MTA XI. Fizikai Osztály Részecskefizikai Tudományos Bizottsága értetlenül áll a felsőoktatási törvény 2017.

Az MTA Fizikai Osztalyának Statisztikus Fizikai Tudományos Bizottsága szolidáris a CEU kutatóival, közöttük Barabási Albert-László, Kertész János, Rosario N.

CEU is a vital institution that has done so much in a relatively short time to empower free inquiry and the dissemination of knowledge throughout Europe, and indeed the world.

As an Erasmus partner of CEU we would like to give you support in this matter and would be glad if you could add our organization to a group letter: Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen (Germany).

This [legislation] would deeply impact national and European academic lives and put an end to many collaborations developed all over Europe with Hungary, not because CEU is our only Hungarian partn

A CEU hazánk egyik legjobb egyeteme, amely számtalan módon gazdagítja a magyar szellemi életet.