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The Hungarian government has proposed changes to its regulations on National Higher Education that may force Central European University (CEU), 25 years in Budapest, to end its work in its home cit

The European University Institute wishes to express deep concern about the possible closure of Central European University as a result of the legislation to be put before the Hungarian Parliament t

We at the European University Institute consider CEU to be a valued member of the international academic community. We often host professors and Ph.D.

A Közép-európai Egyetem (CEU) nemzetközileg széles körben elismert tudományos intézmény és a régió legkiválóbb egyetemeinek egyike.

In classes we have taught at CEU, we have been impressed with the opportunities Hungarian students have had to interact with students from other cultures and backgrounds.

We, members of the Faculty of Humanities of Károli Gáspár University of the Hungarian Reformed Church, are deeply concerned about the current situation regarding the future operation of CEU.

A Közép-európai Egyetem (CEU) nemzetközileg elismert tudományos intézmény, a régió legkiválóbb egyetemeinek egyike, a hazai tudományos élet fontos és szerves része.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Zagreb, as the leading faculty in humanities and social sciences in Croatia, is profoundly concerned about the recent developments regardi

As Chair of the Oxford University’s Philosophy Faculty Board, I am writing to express solidarity with Central European University and to express my and the Faculty’s concern at certain proposed leg

As concerned citizens in Hungary, Europe, and around the world, we are writing to express solidarity with Central European University and express concern at proposed legislative changes to CEU's st