Academic and Educational Institutions

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In many countries, academic freedom is under attack.

In just twenty-five years CEU has established itself as a respectable university with a global reputation for teaching and research in the social sciences and humanities.

"Your institution is a hotbed of talent and is known on an international level as
one of the best universities for research in attracting competitive funds. The

"The Central European University not only is a highly ranked University with excellent international reputation but also a well-respected partner of the University of Graz."

Die Universität Wien unterhält seit vielen Jahren vielfältige und fuchtbare Beziehungen zur Central European University.

On behalf of the research network Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-méditerranéen d’Études sur les femmes et le genre-RUSEMEG, we wish to express our solidarity with the faculty and adminis

We at San Diego State University value the independence of universities and their
scholars to organize themselves, study and do research. This fundamental principle of

In the name of the School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, I express deep concerns with regard to the proposed legislative change in your country which, in our opinion, represen