Alumni and Friends

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As the Allianz Cultural Foundation Alumni Network, we are writing to express our solidarity with Central European University (CEU).

Not only contributing to the knowledge, education and intellect of Mongolia, in international rankings, some of CEU's departments are rated among the top 50 in the world.

CEU itself is a wonderful example for us to follow – a young institution which quickly gained international recognition and rankings for the quality of its students, teachers, research and social c

CEU alumni in Southeast Asia send a letter to President Ader in support of CEU.

We – the CEU Alumni in the Czech Republic – urge the Czech government to act immediately and stand up for free academic life and in defence of human rights and freedoms in Hungary; to foster a dial

Malaysian academics and CEU alumni send a letter to President Ader in support of CEU.

We appeal to the Hungarian government and  Parliament to reject any initiatives that might negatively affect the further functioning of Central European University in Budapest. 

CEU has played an enormous role in our lives and careers. It offered educational opportunities