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A World in One Room

A world in one room. Every step you make inside the room takes you to a different country or even a different continent. This is the room filled with the smell of different spices and sounds of different languages. This is the room filled with laughter, happiness and diversity. Welcome to a place where you can meet the beauty and soul of the world. Welcome to the CEU Intercultural Festival!

Starting Over in Budapest

January 29, 2018

My name is Rebecca. I am in the Mundus Global Public Policy program at CEU. I moved from Texas to Budapest this past August with my 4-year-old son and husband. To prepare for our big adventure, we sold everything. Our family thought we were crazy to pick up and leave our careers and the comfort of our community of friends and family that we lived very close to. But we knew.

Happiness is a Piece of Cake

January 29, 2018

Since DeStress week is over, and the joy from Fur Therapy or the relief brought by the yoga sessions might start to fade away, this little guide of the best brunch places and confectioneries in Budapest might come handy trying to find your inner peace again. 


Being a Vegetarian / Vegan in Budapest

January 29, 2018

Good news first: beautiful Budapest will not disappoint you if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. On the contrary, the plant-eating part of the population will love Budapest for its openness and great food. You will be positively surprised!

Grocery shopping & markets

Aleksiev and Lolua Present CEU Academics and Their Books

Damian Aleksiev, doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, and Ana Lolua, master's student in the Nationalism Studies program at CEU, have recently created a blog, entitled  ‘Academics and Their Books,’ featuring a series of conversations and photographs of CEU academics in their offices.