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Are You Game, CEU?

March 20, 2017

Are you game? A multi-day, interactive event of the same name took place earlier in March in order to introduce the CEU community to the "Origins, Transformation, and Culture of Games" in a fun way. Games are a vital component of cultural heritage and social identity, yet are rarely seen as such.

On Stage at the Hate Speech Monologues

The closer I got to going on the stage, the more I could feel the fast thud of my heart. I had experience performing in front of a large audience, but this time was totally different. It was not just singing a song or giving a presentation of my research. This time I was going to share something personal, something that I felt very uncomfortable sharing, something that would throw me back to those moments of sadness—moments when I have faced prejudice.

How Accessible are CEU’s New Buildings?

On Saturday, March 4, some of CEU's Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) got together to conduct an accessibility audit of CEU's campus. As part of our scholarships, we ASRs dedicate a number of volunteer hours to helping out on campus or even launching our own initiatives.

Are you Game? Presenting Cultural Heritage by Playing at CEU

Games and playing are essential parts of human life that show significant cultural variation and reflect the changes in society. However, their role as an element of cultural heritage and the social identity of various communities is often underestimated.

Three Reasons I Love Living in CEU's Residence Center

March 3, 2017

Living at the CEU Residence Center has been an incredible experience for three reasons: first, the view; second, the communal kitchen; and third, the fitness center. Let me tell you why.