Civic Engagement

Hungarian Elementary Students Visit CEU in Widening Participation Program Framework

CEU welcomed students from Deak Diak Elementary School from Budapest’s 8th district in the framework of the Widening Participation program of the Civic Engagement Office on October 27 and November 17. The students met CEU staff, explored the campus on a building tour, joined an interactive presentation in the CEU Baby Lab, and talked to current CEU students about the importance of education.

CEU Homeless Project Appeal for Donations

Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi, director of Admissions at CEU, started her campaign for homeless people in 2009, when Budapest shelters ran out of funds and couldn’t provide food for the homeless. “Families were encouraged to cook for people in need. After doing so for a while at home, I shared the call with the CEU community, and we repeat the drive every year,” Jaszberenyi says.

CEU Students Volunteer at 1st International Roma Storytelling Festival

As a civic engagement initiative of CEU, four students, under the supervision of CEU’s Media & Visual Education Specialist, Jeremy Braverman, participated in the 1st International Roma Storytelling Festival on July 27-28th in Budapest. The event, organized by the Independent Theater Hungary, aimed to shed light on the values of Roma theatre, to draw attention to the situation of Roma communities, especially of Roma women, and to put exemplary life courses, role models and heroes in the spotlight.

CEU Civic Engagement in Hungary Exhibition Open through September 22

CEU is not just a campus, it is a community whose members are committed to contributing to Budapest and to working with our neighbors in the city and beyond. Proudly Hungarian, CEU made its home in Budapest more than a quarter of a century ago and, key to our open society mission is engaging with others to improve our city, our country and our world.

Volunteer Opportunity at Bankito Lake Summer Festival

Bankito, Hungary’s biggest socially conscious festival will be held this year July 12-16 with the topic of corruption taking center stage. Those who are interested in social inequalities, have experience in working with vulnerable, oppressed groups or simply have some ideas on how one could convey such issues to the average festival goer in an accessible way, are welcome to volunteer.


- state corruption, politics: „which you look at from afar”