Community News

Call for Volunteers for Tolerance Day

The Human RightS Initiative seeks volunteers for the “Tolerance Day” of Daniel Berzsenyi High School.

Around 20 students (15-18 years olds) will take part in a 60-minute session on human rights, in particular on the right to education and non-discrimination around the world on Wednesday, June 14, 9 am – 10 am.

2-3 volunteers are needed to join and participate in the session, introducing a concrete issue or case connected to the topic of equal access to education.

8th Annual CEU Picnic Draws 800 for Fun in the Sun

The 8th CEU Picnic, organized by the Student Leadership and Service Office, attracted over 800 members of the CEU community, friends, and families on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

SPSS Computer Course Available for CEU Community

The Computer & Statistics Center hosts a free SPSS computer course for students, staff and faculty, in May. 


SPSS is regarded to be the most widely used statistical software in social sciences, and it has become a common tool also in other sciences (economics, biology etc.).

No advanced prior knowledge on statistics is required, all the needed concepts will be explained.

Senate Decisions of March 31 Come into Force

The Senate decisions taken at the March 31, 2017 meeting of the Senate:

CEU Community Invited to Annual Picnic

The CEU tradition continues! You are invited to the 8th CEU Picnic on Saturday, May 20, to SOTE Sport Center.

The event is a great opportunity for the CEU community to come together and enjoy recreation activities and sports. Last year, this growing tradition brought together more than 1000 students, faculty and staff members of our community as well as friends and family members.